Döner is for everybody - create your individual combination



With Urkeb you can create your own favorite Döner – great thing and absolutely lecker. But did you ever take a closer look at the number of combinations you can create? Here we got some exemplary calculations how many individual Döners can be created from yourself:




Right, you can theoretically choose out of nearly half a million fresh, and lecker German Döner combinations! Consequentially, if you would eat a Döner each an every day, you will have tasted all combination in about 1200 years.

See you tomorrow @ URKEB - Guten Appetit!!


Remark: This text shows only exemplary and hypothetical facts

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Opening Statestreet 413, Santa Barbara



Urkeb opened the first German Döner restaurant in Santa Barbara, California

After renovation and refurbishing, the restaurant now appears in a new inviting urban style.

Starting from the 10th of August 2017, you can enjoy your made-to-order Döner Kebab 7 days/week between 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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Be part of fresh.lecker.german and create your own German Döner now!


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German street food?



Have you ever heard the story about the Hot Dog? Ever asked yourself where it comes from? Sure it’s American! One report says a German immigrant sold them, along with milk rolls and sauerkraut, from a push cart in New York City's Bowery during the 1860's. The sausage itself was a Frankfurter, which is a great tasting German Sausage from, have guess: Frankfurt in Germany.

It’s the same story about the Döner, but it plays in the 1970’s in Germany. A lot of immigrants were invited to come to Germany that days to support growing the industry. Many people from Turkey immigrated and stayed to make Germany their new home for generations. A few of them opened up restaurants, and so started the intercultural culinary exchange. They brought the awesome tasting kebap to Germany. The word “kebap” is a superior meaning of “something grilled or roasted”. The word of “dönmek” - from which Döner is derived - means simply “rotating”. But in their home country, the kebap was served on a plate with some bread or veggies. The idea to put vertical grilled meat into a freshly baked bread with fresh cut veggies and a garlic yoghurt sauce was born in Germany. And that’s the way how millions of people know it, and love it today!

In fact it became the most important street food over the last decades in Germany and across all over Europe. Most of the young Germans eat tons of Döner during their daily life: 2 Million Döner are sold every single day. You can get it at every time, at every corner.

Germany's favorite street food - a great taste, combined with fresh and healthy ingredients. It's simply fresh, lecker and German.

Guten Appetit!


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Döner dictionary



Learn some original Döner words and get ready to order your Döner in German


“Mit Scharf” – literally: with hot (as a noun)!

“Scharf” means "hot". But there is no noun for hot in the German language. Doesn’t matter – it is just fast, and the guy behind the front line knows what you want

Correct German: “bitte scharf würzen”


“Mit Alles...” – literally: "with everything" (as a noun)!

Meaning is: I like to have everything inside, from fresh veggies, sauces to whatever you put in. Wrong grammar is often used, and fully accepted

Correct German: “mit allem”


“...aber ohne Zwiebel” – ... "but without onion"

I have a meeting in an hour/meet my girlfriend this afternoon. Leave the onions and garlic out!


Now you learned some key words to survive in a Döner restaurant. If you want to test your knowledge, you can now either plan your next vacation in Germany, or just come around to Urkeb @ State 413

Don’t get lost in translation,

see you there - Guten Appetit!

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