Döner dictionary

Learn how to order a Döner in Germany



Learn some original Döner words and get ready to order your Döner in German


“Mit Scharf” – literally: with hot (as a noun)!

“Scharf” means "hot". But there is no noun for hot in the German language. Doesn’t matter – it is just fast, and the guy behind the front line knows what you want

Correct German: “bitte scharf würzen”


“Mit Alles...” – literally: "with everything" (as a noun)!

Meaning is: I like to have everything inside, from fresh veggies, sauces to whatever you put in. Wrong grammar is often used, and fully accepted

Correct German: “mit allem”


“...aber ohne Zwiebel” – ... "but without onion"

I have a meeting in an hour/meet my girlfriend this afternoon. Leave the onions and garlic out!


Now you learned some key words to survive in a Döner restaurant. If you want to test your knowledge, you can now either plan your next vacation in Germany, or just come around to Urkeb @ State 413

Don’t get lost in translation,

see you there - Guten Appetit!

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